Label Your Memory Cards


I recommend that the first thing you do after buying a new memory card is take out a Sharpie and label the card with your name and phone number. You might want to use your cell phone for the contact info so you can retrieve the lost card as soon as possible.

I witnessed the benefits of this technique during my Iceland trip last year. One of the photographers left her full memory cards in a rental car that she turned in. Fortunately they were labeled, and she was contacted before she got on the plane. As a result, she was able to retrieve a full day's worth of valuable pictures. One of those images is featured as a full page in the just released Lightroom Adventure book.

So, before you forget, get out your Sharpie and label those cards...

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Don't you wish that the manufacturers of the cards would take this into account, and apply a label that is actually easy to write on, or even provides a reminder to fill out that info?


I think this is a great tip, but what about those of us using SD cards? I think it's a bit tough to fit a name and phone number on one of those...any advice?

Maybe little labels with small type?