Improved "Park by the Numbers" Gallery

Park by the Numbers

The Park by the Numbers Gallery is new and improved enabling you to upload your cameraphone pictures directly to the gallery via an email address ( or by using the "Upload" button on the gallery web page. So now you can take your photo and add it to the gallery before you leave the parking garage.

"Park by the Numbers" is a camera phone project that began as a simple way to help me remember where I parked my car in big garages. But as I started to look more closely at these images, I began to enjoy them on the artistic level too, and became interested in taking other types of parking shots. So what started out as a practical use for a smartphone, has evolved into a creative look at an everyday function that many of us have in common.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the Park by the Numbers home page. So next time you park your car in a big garage, whip out your cameraphone, snap a photo, and if you like it, upload it to our gallery. It's fun... and it may just help you find your car after returning from a long flight.

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I found this use of Web Gallery to be very interesting. I'd like to use it for my own uses. Unfortunately, I don't have an iPhone, I have a free company provided BlackBerry 8300, which has a camera built in. However, I can't just directly email a photo I've taken with it to the Web Gallery. It first must make a trip to my .Mac email account, then be forwarded to my Web Gallery email address. This becomes a slight problem as I can't access my .Mac email during working hours as the IT department does not allow email Web access. I asked Apple to address this, and they provided me this procedure to do it. I just wish I could email direct.