iPhoto '08's Improved Import Window


One of the small improvements that make a big difference for me in iPhoto '08 is its improved Import window. In prior versions you had few options, including not being able to pick individual images to import. Now, when you connect your camera or iPhone, you're presented with a helpful window that displays your thumbnails and basic metadata in the Information pane.

You can enlarge or reduce the thumbnails with the image size slider, add a custom Event name and description, then import selected images or all of them. iPhoto '08 even has a nifty "Hide photos already imported" checkbox that works great.

I've yearned for a more sophisticated Import dialog from iPhoto for a long time. This latest version finally scratches that itch.

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I am excited about the ability to integrate iPhoto 08 so easily with .Mac in sharing photos on the web(.Mac Web Gallery). I currently use a non .Mac server and it is a bit of a process to share photos. I like to process in Aperture. Will it be awkward to use the .Mac Web Gallery feature with Aperture processed photos? I know I can access Aperture photos from iPhoto but would I have to copy them into iPhoto to make it all work?
Thanks for your tips and insights.