Only Image Edit Your Best


I'm teaching a workflow class today at Santa Rosa JC, and one of my big time saving tips is to rate your photos right after upload, then only image edit the best of them.

I've noticed that photographers who don't religiously rate their photos (using Bridge, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, etc.) often waste their time working on pictures that they'll never use anyway. The basic workflow of upload, add metadata, rate, sort, image edit (only the best), output, and archive is still the most efficient system I know.

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That makes a lot of sense! However, if say using Aperture as a library what criteria do you use to rate images? Whats consitutes a 5 star image from say 4 star. Also, is this 5 star 'Global' or just for that shoot? Its a question, I ask myself all the time. Recently I cam back from my local international airport (Dublin, Ireland) having shot 300 images (hmm, perhaps shot isn't the best word!) and I would say about 2 dozen where keepers. That left, 275 odd images that don't need to be edited.

Do they still need to be tagged etc?


Derrick, I took you class on Saturday and am not able to get into your notes for the class...can you forward them to me? And...what is your teaching schedule. thanks. d

First time here. Derek, I love your podcast.

Now, how do you find editing RAW in iPhoto 08? Can it compare to Aperture at all? I'm in a quandry as to what to buy now...

iPhoto does a great job of decoding and editing Raw files, but it doesn't have as many editing tools as Aperture, and it isn't quite as savvy at handling versions of each file, or its metadata.

For most Raw shooters I recommend Aperture. For Jpeg shooters, you could flip a coin or go with what feels best.

I came up with an elaborate system of numbering stuff from 1 to 5, but find it too complicated to maintain thattrain of thought when grading. I could see using three stars: 3 stars being THE best, 2 stars being alternates, and 1 star being possibles. ANything with focus issues goes in the trash, dupes get dumped, anything closely resembling something else (from burst mode, perhaps) get sized up with the best of that batch and the losers go in the trash.

It kinda goes withthe title: only image edit your best. I don't have a reason to keep around a bunch of lackluster shots or bums, so I'll only keep my best, dump the rest, and rate the others as simply as possible.

I use Nikon Capture NX latest version for my NEF files from Nikon D80 / Great soft. T