Zero Noise Photography by Guillermo Luijk


The Technique of the 4 F-Stops is an approach to eliminate noise from a photograph. In his article, Guillermo Luijk explains how dynamic range works with your digital camera, then provides you with the steps to expand it. The basic technique is:

  • Shot the scene in a correct exposure according to our usual workflow.
  • Repeat the shot now reducing shutter speed by 4 f-stops that will be corrected in the RAW development.
  • Blend in some way both images obtaining a free of noise final image.

This is not a technique for casual snapshooting. It requires a tripod and attention to your settings. But the examples are compelling, and I think it's worth testing further.

August Photo Assignment

The August photo assignment is Intersection. Make sure your entries are turned in by the end of the month. Tomorrow, I'll post the results from the July assignment (pattern). It's a great looking gallery, and I know you'll enjoy it.

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Blend in some way ?
thank you , very nice ... but HOW ?