Sony A-700 DSLR: A Serious Contender


Sony's new DSLR A-700 is a high performance capture device capable of competing with Canon's new 40D and Nikon's D300. At $1,499 US (including an 18-70mm zoom), this solid body features a 12.24 MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, a Bionz image processor that screens out noise before Raw data conversion, and sensor-based image stabilization that works with any lens mounted on the camera.

The A-700 can capture at 5 fps, includes a 3" LCD, offers an accessory vertical grip, and features a nice array of system lenses. There's an in-depth review of the Sony A-700 on PhotoReview. Serious photographers who haven't committed to another system should consider this body among the other elite contenders. Others looking for a body with sensor-based stabilization should also look closely at the A-700. Based on initial reports, Sony has done a great job here.

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This new Sony DSLR look as very interesting I must wait for fist shots on the web for better review