Grab Shot 125 - "The Vault"


"I attended my daughter's gymnastic competition last weekend and managed to get some great action shots with the new Canon 70 - 200mm f4 L," said Paul Merrett. "Typically gymnastic halls are dark and make action photography quite a challenge. I was lucky this time as the place was well lit with lot of translucent sheets in the roof."

"I grade my photos according to the usual filters such as composition and aesthetics. Then my wife decimates my gym photos with correct (gymnastic) technique. Comments like "non-pointed toes," "bent back," and "wrong shape" come fast and furious. Plenty of shots I love get demoted because of incorrect gym technique. I can understand. Nobody wants a photo of themselves hitting a tennis ball with the wrong end of the racket! Needless to say, in this photo. My daughters back is correct, feet pointed, etc. (phew) She scored well on this run too."

Paul set his Canon 400D to f4, 1/500, 200mm, ISO 1600 for this terrific shot.

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Wow, that's a beautiful shot! It's interesting to see that, even in the heat of the action, Paul still manages to keep the rule of thirds in mind and has the subject on one of the horizontal intersections. Very cool. It's also great to see how well a shot can turn out at ISO 1600. Good work, Paul!

Great capture. ISO 1600 on a 400D? Seems like there's got to be some noise reduction going on here in post?

Paul, I have the same problem with baseball photos. I'll capture what I think is an amazing shot of my son in his pitching wind-up, only to find out it's not acceptable because "Dad won't approve of the way my arm is bent, up, down..." I I had to run the entire little league season of photos past him before the big end of summer slideshow, to make sure that I wasn't setting up any of the teammates for post-season harassment with my untrained baseball eye.

Way to go both shooter and subject!

Good but I think it would have been so much better if this picture was taken from the other side. Of course, easier said than done :)

Nice one, there are actually some great ideas on here some of my readers will maybe find this worthwhile, will send a link, thanks.