Grab Shot 126 - "Mom with Child at NYC Highbrow Party"


As part of my PhotoPlus activities, I was invited to the Digital Photo Masters Event last night, which took place on the 22nd floor of the AT&T building on the Avenue of the Americas in NYC. The atmosphere felt very New York trendy to this California boy -- loft with high ceiling, lots of artwork, expensive shoes, dispassionate DJ, and an air of importance.

Among the highbrow activity was a nicely-booted mom with child in tow. It was odd to see a child in this otherwise very adult setting. At one point the child had a clothing malfunction prompting the mom to do what mothers do best... quickly remedy the situation and get back to business.

I set my Canon G9 on the floor and peered down into the LCD monitor to line up this shot. Settings were ISO 400, flash off, 1/8 of a second at f-3.5, image stabilizer on, using Raw capture. Having my camera out and ready to shoot enabled me to capture this grab shot.

Photo by Derrick Story

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Yes, they are Nice Boots! It's quite obvious that the child is related (checkout the mini-boots).
It must have been 'Boot Night'.

Yes, they are Nice Boots! It's quite obvious that the child is related (checkout the mini-boots).
It must have been 'Boot Night'.

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