iPhoto 08 as an Aperture Plug-in


I taught both iPhoto 08 and Aperture classes today on the Geek Cruise, and one of the key points that resonated with students was how beautifully iPhoto can serve as a deluxe plug-in for Aperture.

The basic workflow goes something like this: Use Aperture as your main database for uploading, organizing, rating, keywording, and editing your pictures. In its Preferences pane, turn on previews and sharing with other applications. Then, when you want to use iPhoto's cool slideshow function, make greeting cards, create calendars, publish web galleries -- access your Aperture images using the File > Show Aperture Library command. You'll see a pop-up dialog box as illustrated here. Drag the photos you want into iPhoto (it will use the previews you generated in Aperture, so the better the previews, the more options you have in iPhoto.)

In this manner, iPhoto becomes a fairly extravagant plug-in for Aperture. This can be especially nice for Raw shooters who want Aperture's horsepower but the output goodies in iPhoto.

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This is exactly what I am doing and see myself using iPhoto far more often than in the past. The online galleries, you can create are fantastic. The only downside is that you can't use them for your own domain. It also makes me excited with what may come with the next version of Aperture.

I have been frustrated with this Feature because it only uses previews. Is there a way to get it to use the full version of the photo? I am finding that the calendar in particle is difficult with this because the previews from aperture are not big enough to print that size... Any ideas???