"Burst Mode" - Digital Photography Podcast 110

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I've discovered that I'm using burst mode much more than I used to, and I wanted to figure out why. As is turns out, there are a number of factors, including changes both on the camera side and in post production.

In this podcast, I extol the virtues of shooting in burst mode, then give tips for getting the most out of it.

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I thought the podcast on Burst Mode was very practical. What is the priority for you now when you shoot a wedding? If the subjects are in the sun, it is nice to have fill flash. Even in the shade, the flash is nice. Are there any flash units that will keep up with burst mode? If not, is burst mode the priority for you at a wedding in order to catch the special moments that might be missed in single image mode? (Even if this is at the expense of having the advantage of fill flash?)

Thanks for helping us stay engaged.
I appreciate your motives of wanting to help all of us be better photographers.

Warm regards,
Kevin Miller
Las Vegas

I have found myself using burst mode more than I did with film also. I especially like it when taking "candid portraits" of my kids - using burst mode will almost always get me one shot with them "posed" the way I want and without any closed eyes, head turns, etc.

Thanks again for all of your efforts.


To answer Kevin's question about flash and burst mode, I find myself turning the flash off more and more for daylight portraits (candids in particular) so I can rip off a series of shots in burst mode. I'll then go back to fill flash as my default. But I love the spontaneous nature of burst mode candids, and with the ability to use higher ISOs, I'm needing the flash less than before.

As for Tony's comment... Amen brother!


Using burst mode for portraits is great advice. I tried this for a few impromptu ones at a party recently, and I could always find an image where everyone's eyes were open, their expressions looked good, etc.

But I am having one problem with the auto stack feature in Aperture: if you reject an image in a stack, it doesn't immediately disappear from the project like when you reject an image not in a stack. It also doesn't show up in the built-in rejects folder for easy deletion. You need to create a custom smart album that picks up rejects and ignores stack picks. I must have missed something in the documentation, because this clumsy approach can't be correct.