Nikon D3 Dukes it Out Against the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III


John Harrington has published a fun, informative, comparison of the Nikon D3 and the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III. His review tackles noise issues, megapixel comparisons, tethered shooting, their LCD screens, and a host of other features. It's enjoyable reading, especially for those hungry for more information about these two flagship DSLRs.

After reading the piece, the only burning question that remains is... where did John get the cute boxing ring prop?

Photo © 2007 John Harrington.

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1 Comment

I loved the article. There was also a pretty good comparison done over at Luminous Landscape. Shooting at ISO 25600 seems amazing; but I'm sure Canon will match it soon.

I wonder if we'll soon reach the point where high ISO performance is as much of a red herring as pixel count? How many people NEED ISO 25600 anyway?