Warming Up to the Huey Colorimeter


Back in March 2006, I reviewed the Huey colorimeter and was lukewarm about its performance. Even though I loved its price ($80) and thought is was a snappy looking device, I wasn't sold on its screen calibration ability.

Well, I pulled it out of mothballs the other day, downloaded the latest driver from Pantone, and tried it again on my MacBook Pro. It worked great. And the profile the Huey created seems spot on. I retested again and got results that were just as good.

Go figure. It could be me of course. But I think some nice improvements happened in software over the last year and a half. So now I feel very good about recommending this this $80 colorimeter. What a difference software can make...

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I've got the Huey Pro and have been very happy with it.

I also have the basic Huey and have been more than happy with it. I cna't compare this to more expensive equipment, but the colors on both of my monitors are so much better with this one than without it that it works well for me. I haven't upgraded the software though, so maybe I'll give that a go...

I was surprised when you panned the Huey last year because I was quite happy with it on my PowerBook G4, and combined with profiles for my various papers with my printer, I got very reproducible and reliable results after calibrating. I will say it calibrated a little differently on my MacBook Pro, but after downloading the updated software, it's spot on.

I have the basic Huey for a few months now and it's great. But I have just upgraded to Mac OS Leopard and now I cant get live room light monitoring to work anymore. I have tried reinstalling but that didn't help. Pantone just states support for 10.3 or higher on their site. Has anyone else managed to get it to work on Leopard?

So friends, why did you get the pro version and not the basic and vice versa. Sharing the reasoning behind your purchase is very much appreciated by a potential, but confused, buyer.