"Crazy Light" - Grab Shot 135


"The evening the light was amazing," said Alexey Stiop. "I was outside when I noticed the sky turning purple. I rushed in the house to grab my camera. I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to set up my tripod -–every second counts at sunsets. I leaned against the wall trying to stabilize the camera (I also used image stabilized lens) and took a series of shots within 5 minutes. I had my camera (Canon XTi) set in Aperture Priority mode at f/4 and exposed for the sky. I ended up with a number of decently sharp images at 1/5 sec exposure. This one had the peak color."

The Canon XTi was set to ISO 200 and handheld at 1/5th of a second with the zoom at 17mm. Minutes later, the shot was gone...

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Grovey! Nice shot, and shocked at the results (wonderful) at SUCH a low shutter speed! (insane) great job! ;D

Wondering what process you used to bring out that color.Filter or software processing.It looks great but looking at the houses seems like the color was alted. Keep shooting great photos.