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The Digital Photography Companion is the culmination of two years work. To prepare this book, I spent hours working with photographers and aspiring photographers to find out exactly what they wanted. As a result, I settled on an 8.5" x 5.5" trim size that allows enough room for healthy-sized photographs, yet fits in the backpack, purse, camera bag, or jacket pocket.

The book is designed to help you make pictures that distinguish your work from others. By mastering the controls on your camera and learning a few basic techniques, you can create virtually any type of image you want. The book will be your companion for such an endeavor. And you can order it now, and receive it by early March.

I also wanted to create a companion site for the book, so we've launched the The Digital Photography Companion online. Here I will publish tips to augment the information in the book, and feature photos from TDS members who have used these techniques to create their own look. More on this once the Companion is published.

In the meantime, I will be adding content to the DPC page regularly. I hope you enjoy this new addition to The Digital Story and share it with your friends.

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I want to know what is the difference between this book and "The Digital Photography Pocket Guide" . I have this book, and curious to know if I should get this one too.

F. Sh.

Ordered. Can't wait, should arrive just before my birthday.

That's a good question, comparing Digital Photography Companion to Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 3rd Ed. I decided to write Companion instead of a 4th Ed of Pocket Guide for a number of reasons. One, I wanted to add information about photo management and printing, and Pocket Guide couldn't accommodate that. I also wanted to add more technique and better illustrative photos, plus additional table information in the back.

So, Companion updates all of the information in Pocket Guide, plus it includes new techniques, tables, software analysis, and printing instruction. It's also redesigned for better appearance and ease of use. IMHO, it's the best book I've ever done.

I recently purchased The Creative Digital Darkroom at your suggestion and I really like the book, however, I have one question. The books talks about using the ProPhoto headspace to produce additional color range. My question is if you have a camera that does not have this option can you still use this option in CS3, and if you do, will it do any good since this color option is not captured by the camera? I shoot a Canon 5D, et. al., and print on an Epson 3800, again, et al.

Thank you,
I enjoy your pods.

John Larsen
Larsen Photographics

In answer to John's question... If you're shooting RAW, the color space is applied at the time of procession. So, if you process your 5D file via CS3, then you can apply any color space that is available. Make sense? Thanks for listening!

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