"Katrin Eismann on Raw, Sharpening, B&W, and More" - Photography Podcast 112


What's the difference between "input" sharpening and "output" sharpening? Do you know when to use Adobe Camera Raw or when you should launch Photoshop? How would you like to learn a new way to convert to B&W in ACR that introduces less noise? Katrin Eismann, coauthor of the just released The Creative Digital Darkroom, shared many of her Raw processing secrets over the course of two days in Tampa.

In this podcast I highlight some of my favorite techniques that Katrin demonstrated, including my two favorites: how to better use the masking slider for input sharpening, and a new way to convert to B&W in ACR. These techniques also work in Adobe Lightroom.

You can get more goodies directly from Katrin and Sean by visiting their Creative Digital Darkroom web site.

Katrin Eismann (seated) holding court in the Adobe booth at Imaging USA in Tampa. Photo captured with a Canon G9 at ISO 400 by Derrick Story.

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I was confused by the Podcast when you speak of Adobe Camera Raw as if it's a stand-alone application. Is it? With my CS3 installation, all I can find is a plugin that's used by Bridge and Photoshop. Thanks.

Yes, you're correct. Sorry if I caused any confusion. ACR is bundled with CS3 and with Bridge. There are two implementations of it, one hooked to Photoshop and the other to Bridge. I use it mainly with Bridge, rarely opening Photoshop except for the occasional specific adjustment. That may explain the context of my remarks :)

Thanks for listening Bill!

I just wanted to drop you a note about your last podcast. You passed out a tip about converting to B&W. I had some portraits of my daughter that I converted to B&W in Lightroom using the Grey scale mixer and bumped the exposure setting up to give more of a high-key effect. In doing so I was very disappointed in the result as the out of focus areas had tons of noise. I just ran the same image trough using your tip about turning the saturation down in the HSL panel and the results were amazing. All of the grain was gone and the high-key areas were nice and smooth. Thanks so much for passing that on. I'll be using that a lot more. Keep up the great work. It's always a pleasure to listen each week.

Do you know if all the functions of ACR 4.3 can be used with PS Elements 6? Or would I need to have CS3 or Lightroom to fully utilize them? I'm particularly thinking about the masking slider and the recovery slider. This was a very interesting podcast. Thanks Derrick.

I know this is old, but ACR 4.6 works with my PS Elements 5. If you have an older version of PSE, go to Adobe.com and search for product updates then PS elements from the drop down box. Then click on a version and read the paragraph that starts something like, "The Camera Raw x.x plug-in is not compatible with versions... earlier than...."

Camera Raw 5.4 (release 6/23/09)will work with PSE 6
Camera Raw 4.6 will work with PSE 5
Camera Raw 4.1 will work with PSE 4 and so on.

I hope that helps someone.

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