Seth Resnick's File Naming Convention


Regardless if you're using Lightroom or just managing files on your own, a good file naming convention that you can apply to your pictures on import will help you stay organized. In his Imaging USA session, "Organizing: Asset Management in Lightroom," Seth Resnick provided this tip.

He created a preset in Lightroom to name his pictures logically when he brings them into the application:


So a file would look something like this for a shot he'd take today: 20080107_tampa_0001.cr2

I like his method, but use a variation on it. Instead of adding a sequential number after the custom name, I retain the original file suffix. I like keeping that original number the camera assigns in all of my file names. So my picture would look something like this on import:


The 0827 is the original file suffix the camera assigned. Then, when I output the image for various purposes, such as for web publishing, I add this:


Regardless of which method you embrace, now, at the start of 2008, is a good time to establish a useful file naming convention that you can use going forward.

About the photo... I captured this with a Canon G9 while walking down a stairwell in the hotel. I used a GorillaPod to steady the camera during the .8 exposure. I keep the ISO to 80 and converted the image to B&W in Lightroom.

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I like this workflow focus you are onto recently. I follow almost the exact same naming method as you, Derrick...but I sometimes neglect to add the additional location/subject info to the name.

My challenge is that sometimes, when importing from the CF card, I find myself with shots from multiple dates and events. I can either import each batch individually with a unique file name or skip the added file name info and trust in the use of keywords embedded later as I'm browsing the shots in Lightroom. Usually I opt for the later as I'm part lazy and part afraid that I might miss something on the card if I don't snag it all the first time!

Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

I tedsn to just use yymmdd-sequence number. But I'ms atill trying to figure out the difference between Squence#, Image# and Total#