Outdoor Photographer's Friend - The Microwave Oven


I've found another great use for the microwave over. I was shooting some water shots recently and actually found a way to soak my sneakers. I'm not talking about a little wet, I mean drenched from stem to stern.

I tried just letting them air-dry for a couple days, and got nowhere. Because I was staying in a hotel, I didn't have a traditional clothes dryer available. After a few days, my good ole sneaks started to smell a little funny.

It occurred to me, that when sponges in the kitchen start to smell funky, a good way to reverse the tide is put em in the microwave for 30 seconds or so to kill the little critters causing the offending odor. Why not for sneakers too?

So I started alternating shoes in the microwave for 45 seconds a pop, and sure enough, they began to transform from waterlogged sponges to wearable shoes. Just make sure you don't have any metal plates in the soles...

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That's amazing! I never actually thought of that, I just gave this a shot after reading this!!! wow, it works, the smell is gone and the shoes are much cleaner inside - cleaner smelling that is. I have a few more pairs to try , but MUCH appreciated.

Bonnie Smith
COO/Director FXP