Amazing AppleScript Tutorial for Aperture Users


Have you seen this? Sal Sogholan just published an amazing Aperture-InDesign Integration Demo on that enables you to use Aperture as the database for an InDesign-based publishing system, complete with maintaining direct links to the related master images in the Aperture library. "Placed previews can be updated as needed and even replaced with high-resolution exports in preparation for offset or direct-to-plate printing."

And the best part is, you can try it for yourself by downloading the Aperture-InDesign demo installer. Sal had warned me that there were some powerful scripting hooks baked into the latest version of Aperture. This manifestation is one of the first of many cool automation tools to pop out of that oven. Take a look for yourself.

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Thank you very much for bringing my attention to this excellent tutorial.

I just want to add, that the free demo installer also includes a great QuickTime movie, that gives you all the information you need to get started and understand the underlying technology.

Good work. Keep it up.