Free Reference Card with This Week's Podcast


In this week's podcast show notes for "After Every Shoot", there's a downloadable Jpeg graphic listing the 10 reminders I encourage you to follow after each camera session. The reference graphic prints nicely on a 4 x 6 sheet of photo paper, enabling you to stash it in your camera bag or use as a bookmark for The Digital Photography Companion.

Go get yours today. Print one for yourself, and a few to share with friends.

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A note for Nikon DSLR users, the two button reset (push both green dot buttons down) - different buttons on different cameras - but the two green dots on the body when held town together for 2 seconds will do a reset of common things you change and may forget to change back. It does not change your deep menu presents, just things like WB, ISO, bracketing, EV changes, Flash EV changes and such. It also sets your file quality setting to default, so know what you want it set to and change it back if you use the two button reset.