Welcome Aboard Red River Paper


Digital Story readers have a terrific new sponsor supporting our virtual camera club -- Red River Paper. And they've created a special landing page for TDS members where they'll offer promotions on their excellent inkjet photo stock.

One of the things I like about Red River is that they sell directly to photographers, and they have an excellent customer service attitude. Plus the prices are fantastic! And they are one of the leaders in creating photo papers that are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled content. This is a winning combination for TDS members.

Be sure to check out the Photo Paper Sample Kit for $7.99 with free shipping. Great to have you aboard Red River.

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I've been hoping that Lowepro was going to have a few deals too. And you never see Expodisc discounted. Any deals for loyal readers & listeners?

I'm still hopeful for Lowepro discounts because they have expressed interest in doing so via their new online store. I thought we would have something wired up by now, but they seem very busy. I'll check-in with them again.

As for ExpoDisc, they don't sell directly, so it is more difficult for them to offer promotions directly to our virtual camera club.