Audio Only, or Movies Too?


I have a question for you. I'm running into more opportunities to capture video when I interview people or am on location. My query is, when I have good video to share, do you want that instead of the weekly audio podcast, or in addition to it?

Many people in the publishing business feel that video is a superior medium, or at least cooler, than straight audio. I'm not totally convinced about this. I think consumers use the two different formats different ways. For example, you can listen to a podcast while commuting to work. But it's dangerous to watch video while driving (and not recommended!). On the other hand, I can convey more information via video than audio.

This is top of mind for me because I have a good video interview with Photoshop artist Bert Monroy recorded in his studio. I was toying with the idea of publishing it as next week's podcast. Before I do that, however, I wanted to check in with you.

So, what's your vote? Video pieces separate from the podcasts, or occasionally instead of? And as always, thanks for your participation!

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I generally listen to podcasts by piping them through my home stereo while I'm doing other things around the home (cooking, etc.), just as I listen to radio. I rarely sit at the computer and watch video because I spend too much time at the computer already. I avoid video podcasts and delete the videos that come in audio podcast streams.

I'm all for a separate video stream.

Video adds the option of actually showing the photographs or equipment that you're talking about. I imagine that a podcast you did on lighting and flashes would have been easier using some still or moving images. After all, photography is the main subject of this podcast - and in my humble opinion should be the only subject here, the intro still lists that long list of other digital media, but you now have an audience on photography, not video.

That said, I think that the main item should be an audio podcast, perhaps with some additional images or videos to clarify parts that are hard to describe - especially how-to type items. These can be looked up after the podcast, if you want more information. I don't think it is worth making a vodcast, if it is just talking heads.

I can listen to audio while working, or doing something else. Video requires more of my attention. I don't have a lot of spare time devote to just watching videos, so unless the topics in the video are something I'm really interested in, I don't even bother. If the exact same information can be conveyed with just audio, I would go with the audio only version. It's more efficient and will reach a larger audience than the video.

As you mentioned -- depends on the topic. Audio is excellent while traveling. Video is saved up for the weekend or when I have a spare moment in the evening. Keep the audio going each week and supplement them with the video if it's a great topic that would lend itself to that medium. For me, I learn better by listening and viewing, rather than reading. Keep up the good work! Enjoying the podcast from Canada!

Audio, please! An occasional video might snare me but it would be the exception. Too busy to sit and watch much but always have time/places I can read blogs or just listen. Love the audio podcasts and can learn while gardening, commuting etc. Video might occasionally be nice as an addition, but hopefully never instead of your wonderful TDS podcasts.

I prefer video.
I think that it would be great if you had two versions: an audio and a video one.


If I had to pick one, I'd say audio. But if it wasn't too much effort to post both and give us choice that would be awesome.
Good for you for asking... It's one of many things that sets you apart from the others Derrick.

Both - If I have to have one, well, audio works better for me. I'm one of those that listens in the car.

I think the audio podcast supplemented by video would be great. I love to listen to the podcast on the way to work, but I think interesting video pieces would also be great to be able to watch at home on the Apple TV.

I love the audio for when on the road but when the occasion suits it yes to a video podcast.

For interviews I think audio is best - for showing how to do things using software - like your services - brilliant idea. You also do slide show routines - a podcast of what you can do and examples etc would also be a good idea.
Don't go fully video podcast though.... they both work in their own special way..

I listen to audio podcasts while cooking and eating. I'm single so I can do that. I collect several audio podcasts and several video podcasts. I have an AppleTV so I can watch vidcasts on my big HD TV. However, I listen to far more podcasts than I watch vidcasts. I would vote for a vidcast every now and then when you feel it is important to have video. Most of the time though, you should transmit podcasts. I get a lot of good info from your podcasts.

I wouldn't do video for the sake of video unless you would lose something doing it as an audio podcast. If you can use video to demonstrate something mentioned in an audio podcast, that would be great!

I think video will be ok but I too don't think doing video just to do it is a good idea. If it helps the particular podcast then its a good idea.

This is a very good question to pose but from my point of view video should be the exception rather than the rule. Audio podcasts are relatively small to download and are convenient and easy to listen to, and in 80% of cases are all that is needed to explore or discussion topics of interest or to conduct informative interviews. Occasionally there will be topics where video is the only appropriate medium so this would be the best way to go fro these topics. Where a podcast needs something visual to illustrate a point or technique then the show notes is there these would reside and these can be examined before during or after you listed to the podcast.
Also, in this modern age we are bombarded by video through TV, film, saturation advertising and many video sharing sites like YouTube so an audio podcast is a welcome opportunity to simplify and take a more straightforward approach to communication without all the video bells and whistles.
Keep up the good work Derrick!

I'm to for a all separate video stream.

I like both, audio for my car, but in video you can teach us better, remember an image says more than a 1000 words.
tks for your work.

I listen to the podcasts on my way to work and they are great, but I also watch many video casts too. Whichever works for the topic in hand would be fine, although I would hate you to stop the podcasts entirely. Thanks for asking us before deciding.

I am sure a video product you may produce will be top notch and I would enjoy "tuning-in". At this point your podcast is one of five that I listen to while on an airline, driving longer distances in the car. I generally do not listen to audio podcasts in a hotel room or in the office. In those cases I will watch a video podcast or one of the bazillion excellent tutorial available for photography or Photoshop.

My vote is to do both but don't give up the audio podcast.