Bicycles and the Forbidden City, Beijing


I had this morning off, so I got up early and caught a cab to the gates of the Forbidden City here in Beijing. Since I was there before tickets went on sale, I had an opportunity to photograph the workers as they rode in on their bicycles. So here's a sampling of the two-wheeled devices I saw.


Many bikes were converted into work vehicles that could carry an amazing amount of goods.



I'm not even sure what this contraption does. But I do know it would be much more unwieldily without the wheels.


Ride sharing is also popular here in Beijing.

Photos by Derrick Story captured with a Canon 5D, 70-200mm L zoom with 1.4X tele extender.

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Wow, so young...

Sports shots are fun to work with, but I really like the shots of life!


The pictures at the Forbidden City are of identifiable people. Did you feel obligated to get a model's release signed. I suspect you have no plans to sell the photos but I wondered how you handled this? This would be instructive for those of us who take photos of folks in towns and cities but who do not sell the photos.


i believe model releases are a united states kind of thing.

A few things about model releases. First, I'm not a lawyer, so this isn't advice. But when I'm shooting for editorial purposes, such as reporting on this blog, I don't worry much about model releases. My general photography approach is to make a connection with my subjects, either before or after the shot. This doesn't always happen, but was the case in most of the shots you'll see from me. So they know I'm taking their picture.

If I were to use a "people shot" captured in the US in a book, for example, then I would need a model release. Things are a bit more lax outside of the US, depending on the country.

Bottom line, we get to enjoy these images :)