Was Hoping for the New 5D - Got the 50D Instead


When the Canon 5D was released in Aug. 2005, the 20D was its APS-sized cousin. Then we saw the 30D, 40D, and now the 50D. Yet, in the affordable full-sized sensor arena, we still have the venerable 5D. That's why I was hoping that the pre-Photokina press release would be about the new Canon 5D. But alas, no.

The good news is (for other people), is that the 50D looks like a great camera. It sports a 15.1 APS sized CMOS sensor, 6.3 fps continuous mode, DIGIC 4 processor, 3" LCD with Live View and Face Detection, improved high ISO performance, and HDMI connectivity for HiDef playback. But my main camera is the 5D, and I really don't want to buy an APS body right now if an updated full-sensor shooter is around the corner. Who knows, maybe we'll see it at PMA next Winter.

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I'm a Nikon shooter, so take this with the appropriate grain of salt...

I'm a little concerned about 15 megapixels on an APS sized sensor. It seems (to me anyway) like diffraction was starting to come into play for some reasonable apertures even at 12 megapixels. I'm too lazy to do the calculation, but with 15MP you might have to think a bit before shooting at f/11 even.

You know Derrick there is that new full frame sensor out from that other company. :-] Just kidding. I picked one up thinking I would use it mostly for the wide end of the spectrum and then when on a photowalk this weekend and loved it with the 70-200.

You know Derrick there is that new full frame camera out by that other company. :-] Just kidding. I picked one up thinking I would use it mostly for the wide end of the spectrum, but I went on a photowalk this weekend I loved it with the 70-200. Couldn't put it down.

i too am eagerly waiting for the 5D replacement. not because i want to buy it, but i'm speculating the price drop on the current 5D so I can finally buy one. hey, that's how i got my first SLR, the XT long after the XTi had been on shelves :)

Clarity benefits?

I too am somewhat concerned about the small pixel size on this sensor. At some time in the near future, I'd like to upgrade from my XTi starter body and would still like to retain the use of lenses like my 10-22mm (great option for super wide on an APS sensor).

This site shows some of the size comparison:
I know canon describes this body and sensor as doing an excellent job of cleaning up noise. I'll wait until the author of that site posts his testing results (always helpful).

My other concern would be motion blur. With these exceedingly smaller pixels, don't even the tiniest motions of the hands add more to the blur?

I'm always in favor of larger resolution photos, especially so I can pick out crops for certain projects and retain more detail for documentation photos. However, I'm not so sure about the issue with the denser sensors.

Anyone have experience with these capabilities/specs?

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