A Peek at Photoshop World, Las Vegas


I'm on the ground at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas for Photoshop World. It's the biannual gathering of enthusiasts who want to learn more about Photoshop and Lightroom, and who are fans of Scott Kelby. Scott is the man behind the scenes, the star of the show, and the entertainment. You could say that Photoshop World is Scott Kelby. From the moment you walk on to the Expo floor and see the imposing Kelby Training booth, you know who is in charge of this event. Even Adobe itself, the creator of Photoshop, seems dwarfed here.

But the training is good. I watched Dave Cross's session on Fixing Photographs, then found a place to stand in Ben Wilmore's Jaw Dropping Photoshop Tips, and learned a thing or two on the Expo floor in the Adobe booth. Tips and tricks are the mantras for the next few days. There are plenty of big name vendors here too, including Epson, Microsoft, Canon, Dell, drobo, Nikon, and iStockphoto. Plus, the Mandalay Bay is a terrific hotel that is clean, well appointed, and friendly.

If Photoshop is your thing, then Las Vegas is the place to be. The event wraps up Saturday, Sept. 6, around 4pm.

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I would love to see you do some classes at Kelby Training. I subscribe to Kelby Training and have found some good lessons there. I use to take classes at Lynda.com.
I'm looking forward to your comments on CS4

Scott Kelby and I know each, and we have a mutual respect. But Scott has so many fine trainers already that I think it's unlikely that we would hook up for Kelby Training.

Plus, I like working with the people at Lynda.com. They have treated me well, and my titles have flourished there.

As for CS4, I will have lots to talk about, including a Companion book that should be out soon after the software release.

If you swing by the Nikon booth - can you find out what the heck is going on with the P6000 "anti mac" stance?

Kit Griffin

If you swing by the Nikon booth - can you find out what the P6000 "anti mac" stance is all about. If it's not, well it appears to be.

Kit Griffin