I'm Telling Ya, the 50mm Lens Is Back


Nikon just announced their newly redesigned AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G lens among all of the hubbub at Photokina. Nikon's 50mm combines great optical design with low light performance and their Silent Wave Motor, making this optic a top choice for existing light photography.

Along with the new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 and offerings by other manufacturers, I would say that the 50mm lens is back in business. Mounting these reengineered optics on new high-resolution sensors gives photographers access to exciting, gritty image-making, and at a reasonable cost. Personally, I love it!

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I am thinking I'll need to pick up one of these new f/1.4 offerings - it'll be interesting to see the comparisons between the Sigma (which Derrick likes so much) and the Nikon. An f/1.4 lens paired with my D700's sensor could really be something.

I wonder if Canon will be updating theirs soon? Or is it a newer vintage than Nikon's previous version was?

I have one for my canon and love it for portraits and indoor, low light stuff.

New improved optics aside, I'm considering upgrading from my old 1.4 just for the SWM. It would be nice to override autofocus by simply grabbing the focus ring, especially with the 1.4 wide open where focus is critical. This lens is years overdue.

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