SanDisk Rolls Out 16GB Cards. We're Gonna Need Them, and More!


SanDisk announces their latest, the 16GB SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash card with transfer rates up to 45MB/s. The cards should run around $399 initially.

And I guess we're going to need 'em. Now with Raw capture at 12 MPs and well beyond, along with adding video to DSLRs, storage becomes important. But it's not just the memory card in your camera. If you're purchasing 16GB CF cards, then you better have a plan for expanding hard drive capacity on the post production side of the equation too.

My point being, as we buy new cameras, and purchase big cards to go with them, we need to think through the entire equation. My current workflow is set up for 12 MP Raw capture. If I decide to upgrade (Canon 5D Mark II), then my budget needs to include new camera, new CF cards, and more hard drives.

Hmmm. Suddenly my current 5D is not looking so bad.

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Hi Derrick,

One AWESOME feature of the more recent Canon DLSRs is sRAW, which gives you the same forgiveness in terms of exposure and white balance, but the resolution is lower (but still plenty big enough for normal stuff). Also, with the enhanced screen, I can delete the really bad ones as I shoot, which can save some space on the other end. However, I do agree on the making room for more photos when upping the megapixels. BTW, I've pre-ordered my 5D on!

You make a good point Christopher. The only problem with sRaw, or at least one that I know about, is that some photo management applications aren't sure what to do with those files. It's something that I need to look into more closely and figure out the feasibility workflow wise.