Canon PowerShot G10 - Is More Better?


Seems like just yesterday that I was taking a new Canon G9 out of the box and testing it in the field. I was impressed with the camera a year ago, and I'm still using it regularly today.

But now we have the Canon PowerShot G10.

I just finished reading an excellent Canon G10 Review on PhotographyBLOG, and the biggest take away with the new release is the 28-140mm zoom lens, which provides substantial breathing room on the wide end (28mm vs 35mm). Sacrifice is required on the long end, however, with a reduction from 210mm to 140mm. Fair enough. Physics is physics, right?

Honestly, the big concern for me was the decision by Canon to increase the megapixels to 14.7 (from 12) instead of providing better high ISO performance. Sadly, the G10 doesn't capture any better at ISO 400 or higher than the G9.

Despite the ISO disappointment, this looks like a great camera, that is, if the prospective photographer doesn't already have a G9 or comparable compact. So, unless they're willing to spend nearly $500 US for a wider zoom, I think many photographers will sit pat and see what Canon does up the road.

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