ShoZu Connects Smart Phone Shooters


I was chatting-up the value of smart phone cameras the other day, then luckily ran across an interesting application for smart phone shooters called ShoZu.

ShoZu connects your mobile phone to online sites such as flickr, YouTube, facebook, Blogger, and even You can upload your images, access feeds from friends, reply to comments, add descriptions, geo-tag and more. There are versions for BlackBerry, iPhone, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and many more.

The iPhone version I tried was free, and I think the others are too. It's an interesting application for those who like to interact online via their phone.

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I have had the IPT for a few months and wanted road test this product before I reviewed it. This is my first ipod, though I have another small/featureless mp3 player for running. I am not a big fan of Apple products in general - but this is another story. The IPT is amazing. I am surprised at how much I use it. I don't have a car adapter, so my use is typically not when I'm driving. I use it 75% of the time for music and 25% for the other applications. I would recommend looking at the app reviews before adding them on your IPT (I have found the apps with negative reviews really are not worth adding). I have not figured out how to delete apps, I'm sure it's possible, but I haven't gotten 'round to researching it!

Two things I would love to see added: bluetooth -it's just handy- (edited later: someone commented that blue tooth should be available this summer as a software upgrade - so keep that in mind) and a built in camera (like the iphones offer). This brings me to another point, I debated about an ipod vs iphone. I simply did not find the iphone as comfortable to talk with as my current cell phone - that's just me- though I think all of the capabilities of the iphone are amazing.

One funny problem that I have -- I am now so used to the touch screen- that my brain thinks everything ought to be a touch screen - like my Kindle, phone and sometimes I go to touch my computer screen for IPT style capabilities. Creature of habit!

I got the 32gig version because it was not that much more than the 16gig, and I had no idea how much room the apps or movies would take up. (as it turns out, I have not downloaded any movies- may do so for future travel, though). If you plan to keep your IPT for a long time (I don't upgrade with every new version), I would suggest the 32gig -- if you upgrade your tech with each new revision, the 16gig would most likely be fine.

I've had my iPod for about one month now and it continues to show me just how much of a great buy it is. My old mp3 player was a Creative Zen Microphoto, a decent mp3 player but nothing special. I've always wanted an ipod but they weren't a very good value. That was until the 2nd Generation 8GB iPod Touch. At $215 (which may not seem like such a small sum) you get WAY more than the competition offers. First of all, if you have a Wi-Fi network at home I can almost guarantee you will never be stuck bored with it. Its many capabilities include the ability to surf the web (at quite reasonable speeds) with Safari (the default web browser), the huge App Store whose name may suggest that everything costs money actually offers plenty of free games and applications. Also, you can access iTunes straight from the Touch and download songs and podcasts (some of which are videos). Some of them are even free. Also, if you like YouTube you can watch its videos on the iPod if you have a Wi-Fi connection. As for the device itself, be warned that it is quite fragile since it has a large (I believe 3.5 inch) touch screen stretching across the front of it, so you should probably get a protective case for it as soon as possible. Also, just so you know the built-in speaker is of very poor qualilty (like that of a cellphone, well maybe a little better than that) so I wouldn't recommend relying on it as your primary speaker. In addition, the headphones, as stylish as they are sound quite tinny and are not in-ear headphones which may prove to make them very uncomfortable. To solve this problem, I bought a pair of Sony mdr-ex36's at a Best Buy for $30 (I recommend them). As for a case (or skin) I bought the Speck Toughskin for about $18 (on Amazon). By the way, the iPod doesn't come with an AC Wall Charger so I bought the Griffin Powerduo from Amazon for about $20 (this includes a wall AND car charger adapter). I don't have a dock for it yet, but the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime seems to be a pretty good choice at $80 on Amazon.

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