Street Shots from New York City


I booked a late flight for my last day in New York so I could roam around Manhattan and enjoy a little street shooting before returning to California. It had rained pretty hard the night before, but it cleared in the morning resulting in clean, crisp walking weather.

I decided to take the Olympus E-520 because it was light around my neck, and 10 MP Raw files felt about the right size. It's a great little camera, and shooting with it put me in a creative mood.

The first image (above) was recorded in Grand Central Station. I was standing on the balcony above watching a dad try to pose his children for a souvenir snapshot. He worked hard, I hope he got what he was after.


I wandered down to the Chrysler Building because it's such a wonderful structure, day or night. I'm always looking for a new angle to capture this old favorite. First, I found a good reflection in a glass building across the street. Then I discovered how to frame both the reflection and the Chrysler building in the same composition. This is the result.


Finally, I discovered that they had installed an ice skating rink in Bryant Park. This little haven is always a great place to hang out on nice Sunday afternoons. The tree-lined park is located behind the New York Public Library, with lots of places to sit and enjoy the day. This shot is of a mom teaching her son how to ice skate, probably for the first time. He passed a little test, and they both were thrilled resulting in this "high ten."

I'll talk more about the trip in this week's podcast.

Photos by Derrick Story, captured with an Olympus E-520 DSLR.

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Hi Derrick,
Thanks for sharing these street photos from New York. They are fabulous. Each one caught a unique moment or perspective. Looks like the E-520 did you well that day.

Hi Derrick,
Thanks for posting those excellent images from New York. Which lens(es) were you using?
It seems to me that you both used wide and tele perspective so I'm wondering if it's one zoom that can cover the whole range and still render nice images.

We just couldnt leave your website before saying that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors... Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!