What's in Your Pocket?


I was reading a story on PDN this morning titled Smart Phones for Smart Photographers that discussed how today's mobile devices have a variety of tools that are helpful for shooters -- including their built in cameras.

I had one of those "smart phone moments" this weekend while I was moving out of a storage unit (finally!) on Saturday morning. It had rained that evening, but the sky was beginning to clear. As I sat there in my VW van ready to take the first load to the house, I saw this interesting composition. I didn't have a "real" camera with me, so I pulled out my iPhone and composed this shot through the van windshield.

That night, tired from a day of moving, I pulled out my iPhone and took a peek at the images. I like the juxtaposition of sky in asphalt. It's a fun shot that I'm glad I have.

Ah, smart phones. You gotta love em! What's in your pocket? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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Awesome Grab Shot, Derrick.

I also carry an iPhone. It's crazy how this little camera can sometimes really perform. I loved your shot.

One thing about the iPhone: I do try to keep its little lens clean. Since it lives in my pocket, the lint sometimes creates a diffusion filter of sorts. Great for some shots, but not always the look I'm going for.

Now using an iPhone after time with a Samsung Palm OS smartphone. All great convergence devices, but really lacking in the camera department! Unfortunately the iPhone camera pretty much replaced a point-and-shoot, as I sold my ultracompact to fund the DSLR...

Interesting that the article mentions all kinds of apps to help with photography, but not anything to augment the camera itself. Still chomping at the bit to have CameraPro approved for the app store. It was developed in pre-2.0 days, and I really miss the zoom and timer features:


GREAT shot!
submit it to the Flickr group, "Photos taken with an Apple iPhone"

One little iPhone tip I have... is that it doesn't take the picture until you take your finger off the touchscreen. So I put my finger on the virtual shutter button and hold it there until the moment to make the exposure. My shots have improved since doing this.

I always have my iPhone with me. I don't always have my quote unquote good camera. Without the iPhone, I would have missed lots of great shots. As your terrific shot proves, Derrick.

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