Canon PowerShot G10 vs the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3


Fpr more than a year, the Canon G9 has ruled the roost of Raw shooting compacts. Its good lens, great capabilities, and handsome looks have been tough to beat.

But Round 2 may have a different outcome. When you compare the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 to the new Canon PowerShot G10, the LX3 seems to have a bit of an edge. Take a look at these key comparisons:

  • Leica f/2-2.8 2.5X lens compared to Canon's f/2.8-4.5 5X zoom lens. The Canon has more reach, but the Leica is wider (24mm vs 28mm) and faster.
  • Panasonic's 10.1 MPs compared to Canon's 14.7 MPs on roughly the same size sensor. Is it just a coincidence that the Panasonic has better high ISO performance?
  • Panasonic's 265 grams weight compared to Canon's 350 grams. And the Panasonic definitely fits better in the jacket or pants pocket.
  • Panasonic's HD movie capture (16:9, 1280 x720 pixels at 24fps) versus Canon's 640x480 recording.


Based on reader reviews and professional reports, the Canon G10 is an outstanding camera. But it is no longer the automatic choice for serious photographers looking for a compact that records in Raw. On its third try, Panasonic has created a gem of a camera with the LX3 -- and by some accounts, a more desirable model than the G10. Post a comment if you've shot with either.

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I have taken about 15,000 photos with the LX3, and it is a great fun to use - it encourages experimentation, and as it easy to take with you, it is hard to miss photography opporturnities.

But I think the G10 is great camera as well, especially if you stick to the base ISO sensitivity.

How timely. I took delivery of my new G10 this morning. I decided on this model over the LX3 after playing with them for half an hour and decided the build and ergonomics of the Canon were a better fit for me.

I have a G10 and the files are very good as are the overall design of this little gem. I shot with both the LX3 and G10 and found the focus, exposure and handling more to my liking with the G10; however, I have recently reshot with a later delivery of the LX3 and both focus and exposure were improved. I wonder if doubling your expense and getting a little red badge make further improvements?


Another plus for the G10 is the matched UW housing for those who want to shoot Raw in extreme conditions.

I bought a Lumix DMC-LX3. I found the sharpness not good enough comparing to what they describe. It's just the name 'Leica lens, semi-prof' you pay. Price is to hifg for what they offer.

I think if your looking at either of these cameras then your going in the right direction.
There both great cameras and are both very capable machines.
Just go and have a play with them both and then you,ll just know which is the right one.
Good luck.

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