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Photographers aren't the easiest creatures to buy gifts for. Most things they need are either too expensive or they already have. So who better than a photographer to recommend holiday gifts for that special snap-shooter in your life?

The following list of suggestions are all priced under $100, and many are less that $30. And if you have a great idea that you think should be added to this line up, please post a comment.

So onward with our eight goodies. And remember, you can use these as suggestions to others for gifts for you...

  1. Joby Gorillapod Flexible Tripod - $21.95 US: The Joby Gorillapod makes taking digital photos more fun than ever. Designed with self-timer photography in mind, the Gorillapod lets you mount your camera just about anywhere you want so that you can include everyone in your automatic shots. This model is for compacts, but they also make larger sizes for all types of cameras.
  2. Dynomight Bottle Cap Tripod - $9.95 US: Now you can have a quick and convenient tripod ready for use on your next trip. This convenient bottle cap tripod has a universal camera mount with an adjustable angular design. The cap mounts to any standard bottle top and can easily be dismounted and unscrewed quickly to store in your bag. A fun stocking stuffer!
  3. Photoshop Elements software (Mac/Win) - $64.99 (Mac)/$74.99 (Win) ($25 savings): This special offer from the Adobe Store includes free shipping for both versions. The Windows version also includes a Basic Membership to Photoshop.com. These prices are good from Nov. 24 9pm PT through Dec. 10 6pm PT. Photoshop Elements is an outstanding image editor with lots of workflow goodies included. If your favorite photographer is ready to move up to Photoshop, this is a great deal.
  4. Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal System Cloud - $49.95 US: The Lightsphere Universal flash diffuser from Gary Fong delivers amazing light from your on-camera flash. You no longer need bulky flash brackets or umbrellas to enjoy incredibly soft, studio-quality lighting! If you've used the original Lightsphere or Lightsphere®-II, you'll find the Lightsphere Universal creates the same great soft portrait light that you love NOW with the addition of an innovative, patent-pending mount that is guaranteed to stay on. Yes, one Lightsphere now fits most flashes. This is a great accessory, and it really works.
  5. Morris Mini DC Slave Flash II with PC Cord - $31.95 US: Lets you put a little extra light just about anywhere, yet it fits easily in your pocket. Inclues PC cord, tripod mount, and slave that triggers the flash with the flash on your camera. Very handy for the photographer who likes to add a little sparkle to their indoor shots.
  6. The Digital Photography Companion - $16.49 US: The Digital Photography Companion gives you creative tips and technical advice for taking top-notch digital photos in a wide range of conditions. Fits easily in your back pocket or backpack. Covers camera controls and pro techniques. The official guide for The Digital Story Virtual Camera Club. Perfect for the beginning photographer or owner of a new Digital SLR.
  7. National Geographic Tundra Monopod with Head and Quick Release Plate - $42.00 US: The NG Tundra Monopod provides support when you can't use a tripod. Simply attach your camera directly to the top platform and begin shooting. To make the monopod more compact, the ball head can be removed. This also allows you to attach the camera directly to the monopod. It only weights a pound, but extends to 61.4". Almost any photographer would appreciate this gift.
  8. Sandisk Extreme USB 2.0 3 in 1 Card Reader - $84.95 US: The Extreme USB 2.0 Reader provides you with a complete digital solution for your photography needs. Its performs at up to 20MB per seconds sequential read and write, above the level needed for the high enthusiast photographer. It's designed with two slots and supports CF (Type I and II), SD, MS Pro, and MS PRO Duo. It supports USB 2.0 connectivity on both Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems. It plugs and plays with no external AC power. This is quite simply one of the best card readers you can get, and a definite upgrade for just about any photographer.

Monthly Photo Assignment

Whirlwind is this month's photo assignment. This can be taken so many ways: things happening quickly, life breezing by, an very energenic child. You can read more about how to submit on our Submissions page. Deadline for entry is Nov. 30, 2008.

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Learn what photographers need to know to organize and edit their images with Photoshop CS4. Take a look at The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers. It fits in your laptop bag and is very easy on your wallet.

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Sponsor Notes...

Add Magic to Your Slideshows -- FotoMagico presentations are so amazing that your audience will be asking how you did it.

Red River Paper -- Try the $7.99 Sample Kit.


How about adding the "The Super-Secret Spy Lens" for $50 to your list. From more info check out http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/candid-photography-spy-lens/email. It's pretty cool.

How about adding the "The Super-Secret Spy Lens" to your list. It costs $50 at http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/candid-photography-spy-lens/email. Just about as neat as the Lens Baby.

Another cool thing about the Lightsphere is that you can use the translucent cap, instead of the expensive Expodisk, for white balance.

I'd vote for the Amod GPS 3080 GPS tracker + Robo Geo. For a total of 120 bucks or so, you've got a wonderful GPS photo tagging system that requires no special camera or hot shoe mount.

Just stumbled across this -- the Manfrotto ModoPocket, billed as the world's smallest tripod...and only $30. Interesting comment from poster who feels that the gorillapod is jiggly in relative comparison:


I'm so happy I stumbled upon this page! so many great ideas. I especially love the Super Secret Spy Lens & the Amod GPS 3080 GPS tracker.

valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up!

It's great that you took the time to write all this up