"Girl Stops to Light" - Grab Shot 160


"For this girl, I wanted to represent my interpretation of her story," wrote Amber Rossman. By her outfit, she knows she is cooler than the rest of us and she stops for no one... except to light her cigarette (which added to her movie star quality). But the blur the city continued around her. I don't smoke... but i imagine this is what it feels like to give attention to your addiction -- you stop your busy life to get a moment of relief as the world buzzes around you."

"When I posted this shot on Flickr, I was blasted for posting a blury shot that 'appears to be a mistake.' I felt disappointment and maybe embarrased that I posted a silly shot like this -- I liked the framing... the dinginess that provokes the feeling of a big city street... the blur that conveys busy-loud-city vibe."

"Because I seek to learn from experienced photogs, I went to the critic's profile to see what I could learn from his work. Hmmm vindication! His profile exhibits his favorite quote (interestingly enough, his own), "Good photography is a science, Great photography is an accident". Cool."

Derrick's note: Amber had sent in a handful of candidates to be featured on Grab Shots. I'm so glad she stuck to her guns and included this image. I love it. And I'm happy to share it with our virtual camera club.

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Powerful image that has some meaning, this is way more than another generic sunset that is perfectly exposed with the proper composition and boring. Art is neither science or accident. The real talent was in recognizing what she had, I hope she continues to do so.

Very well said Ray. I very much agree.

I agree, this is a great shot! I love scenic shots. However, some of my favorite images are with people in the shots. Especially, those candid shots that when studied tell an interesting story. Just like this image. Thanks for posting it!

Blur can definitely be effective, as it is here.