Your Ideas for TDS Gift Guide


Next week's podcast will be a holiday gift guide for photographers. I'm recording the show on Sunday and am soliciting ideas from TDS members.

If you've discovered a gadget or photo accessory that you think would make a great addition to our gift guide, please send a note with the following information:

  • Its name
  • What it does
  • Where you can find it (web address preferred)
  • How much it costs ($100 or less)

Use the Subject for your email: TDS Gift Guide. You can find all the information on where to send you suggestion on our Submissions page.

Don't delay! Your great idea could make someone very happy this holiday season.

Image caption: The Gorilla Pod is a terrific holiday gift that is affordable and very useful for photographers.

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Well if you know someone who's into flash photography then I like the Gary Fong Lighsphere. It's $40 and can be found in most camera stores or The have a newer version that more money and I haven't tried it yet, but I haven't heard anything bad. Personally I like the look of the lighsphere and it's already pretty big (that's fine, but bigger?) It's called the WhaleTail and it comes in 2 sizes. If you're looking for more flash power and don't want a new flash or your 580 II isn't cutting it, you can get a chrome dome.

If we must keep it under $100 then the Aperture 2 upgrade, which assumes the photographer in question is using Aperture 1.5.

Gorilla pods as you show are also GREAT!

And extra large fast SDHC (if compatible) card never hurts. The same goes for hard drives. Portable USB drives are cheap and are very useful. If you have a laptop and want a larger drive the 320GB fast 7200RPM drives can be found for around $99 at and and many more. For $10 you can make it an external drive

Darn, comment got cut off. The hard drive upgrade is easy to do in old and new MacBooks but ONLY in the newer 15 inch MacBook pro. You can do it in other models, but it involves really opening the computer.