HP iPrint App Makes Printing Easy from iPhone or iPod touch


If you have an HP printer connected to a WiFi network that can produce 4x6 snapshots, then you might be interested in their mobile app, HP iPrint Photo. It's available in the iTunes App Store and works on the iPhone and iPod touch. You can now print the images on your iPhone directly to any compatible HP printer on a wireless network. That's fairly cool.

I've downloaded it and am going to give a spin today.

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I just tested this app with an HP A626 photo printer on an Airport wireless network in my studio. It worked great. This is the easiest way I've seen to date to print images captured with my iPhone.

Note that the printer itself doesn't need to be one of HP's wi-fi enabled models or directly connected to the network. As long as the printer is shared via Bonjour this app can see it. I successfully test-printed to my old PhotoSmart 7350, which is connected via USB to my Mac.

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