"ISO" - Digital Photography Podcast 160


ISO 1600 is the new 400. The evolution of digital technology is changing the way we capture light. In this podcast, I provide a refresher course in managing your ISO settings. Things have changed, and they've changed for the better.

Monthly Photo Assignment

About Face is the January 2009 Photo Assignment. Think about creative ways to make a portrait. It doesn't always have to be the "smiling into the camera" composition. You can read more about how to submit on our Submissions page. Deadline for entry is Jan. 31, 2009.

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Now that I've piqued your curiosity, it's time to listen to today's audio show titled, "ISO." You can download the podcast here (27 minutes). You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

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Did you know that photology is now free?
Have a look. It can index your pictures based on image content and it uses Amazon's S3 for sharing pictures

Fantastic show and an excellent compliment to previous shows on Focal Length (#141) and Aperture Priority (#132).

Sorry about the layoff. I had one myself several years ago, and they are a punch in the gut, especially when you identify with the company.

As for my question, a stock agency rightly rejected several of my images for noise, as I had not paid much attention to ISO. When I inspected my images to see what they meant, I was unsure of what to look for. I found references to chroma, etc. on the web, but do not know what that looks like on the monitor as opposed to say sharpness. Do you have any tips for me to identify unacceptable levels of noise, etc.

I now plan on trying to stick to ISO 400 on my first generation 5D. FYI the agency also recommends Noise Ninja as a noise clean up tool.

Thanks, keep up the good work

Good show! What I would like to see is that camera's have a 'zeroed out' switch or button. Zeroed out, a term coined by a guy named McNally, all settings are set to a predefined state. The wrong iso value with a less than optimal white balance and no raw files, can you see the picture? Not that it ever happened to me.....

Also sorry to hear about the lay-off! Been there, too, over the years... Maybe there's a good photographers association for health insurance??

I'm a big fan of Lynda.com: I took advantage of a 30-day free trial when registering Adobe Acrobat recently. I was really impressed with the Lightroom content, and of course, your content on Aperture. So much so, that I went for the show special at MacWorld for an annual subscription: $200 vs $250. During this purchase, I tried to make a really specific point that (a) I was a photographer, (b) I really like your content on Aperture, and (c) I hoped there would be more content like this in the future (i.e. my renewal next year might depend on this).

Maybe this will help if some of us did this?!

For anyone who hasn't seen Lynda.com, check out their freebie content on iTunes!

Here's what I like most: (a) it's HD video content (at least what I've seen), very high quality. (b) It's divided into chapters, so you can target exactly what you need. (c) Like our podcasts here, not a lot of fluff, direct to the point, providing useful info.

I'm primarily a Lightroom user, and I've read a lot about it. Needless to say, I was very impressed when I learned a couple of really helpful things, I'd previously not seen, heard or read before...

If you'd rather "go to the movie", than "read the book", Lynda.com is for you!!

BTW, Lynda.com began my annual subscription one the last day of my 30-day free trial - an unexpected nice touch!

In this podcast you mentioned a Facebook group -- I just searched on Facebook for The Digital Story and Digital Story, but didn't find anything that looks like it. Can you help me find it? Thanks!

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