New Polaroid Digicam that Prints too


Want your printer and camera to be the same device? Then take a look at Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera. Imaging Resource reports:

"It's not the first time we've featured a digital camera with built-in printer on this news page - in fact, over the years there have been quite a few... with dimensions of 4.7" x 3.0 x 2.0", though, the Polaroid PoGo instant digital camera would certainly rank among the smallest."

Starting in March 2009, you can pick up the camera for around $200 and a pack of film for about $5. Sounds perfect for parties!

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If the print includes an authentication code to prevent modification or tampering, this would be the digitial version of the old Polaroid camera that has been used for evidence collection.

Part of me doesn't see the point; but the other part of me has fond memories of the old "Polaroid Swinger" and its siblings, from back when I was a kid. That part of me is glad to see that Polaroid can still remember its roots.