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You can now post and read reviews for all of the Red River paper stocks on their site. This new feature was just launched, and I thought that our virtual camera club could help get things rolling by posting reviews of your favorite papers. Red River is a solid supporter of The Digital Story, and their product is outstanding. I just posted a review of Arctic Polar Luster, the surface that I like best.

If you haven't tried Red River paper yet, you can get their Sample Kit for $7.99, including free shipping. You get two 8.5" x 11" sheets for 19 different papers. It's a great way to discover the best stock for your printing needs.

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Has anyone tried out the metallic paper??? It really gives a 3D effect and extra depth... Though, use it on a portrait with a white background... I tried it out on a band with lot of metallic instruments, and while it gave it depth, the white pants and belts turned silver and such...