10 Things You Need to Know about Faces in iPhoto '09


In the free movie, Managing the Faces corkboard, I show a nifty Option key tip. By default, iPhoto '09 magnifies all of the faces on my corkboard so I can get a better look at the person. This makes sense, and I actually prefer it that way. But sometimes I want to see the context of the shot while I'm scrubbing through all of those bright eyes and beaming smiles. To do so, all I have to do is hold down the Option key while scrubbing, and I can see the entire composition, not just the cropped mug shot.

This is one of the many tips I provide in the new Lynda.com title, iPhoto '09: 10 Things to Know About Faces. "10 Things" is an entirely new product for the Lynda folks. I figure out 10 concepts that I think are important about a particular subject -- in this case Faces in iPhoto '09 -- then create 10 short movies on those concepts. In less than an hour, you can master all of the techniques and apply them to your work.

We're also mixing live action discussion with the traditional Lynda screencasting. I think the tandem is more entertaining and better for learning too. You can check out the free movies right now on the Lynda.com site. If you like what you see, you can subscribe for $25 a month, and that gives you access to thousands of movies on a variety of subjects. My next title covering "Places" should be released by the end of the week.

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