Geotagging an Entire Event in iPhoto '09


When you have a series of photographs from a single location, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, you can geotag the entire shoot at once in iPhoto '09. Simply find the shoot in the Events browser. Click on the little "i" that's in the lower right corner of the key photo for the Event, then choose "New Place" for the "Enter Event Location" pop up menu. Once you've tagged the event, that geodata will be applied to all of the images in the series.

You can watch a free movie on how to do this as part of my new title, iPhoto '09: Ten Things to Know About Places.

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Just curious -- is the Golden Gate shot one of yours. Later this month I'll be shooting the Golden Gate from a rather unique perspective.

Yes, all the Golden Gate shots in the Places training are mine. I live in the area.

Now there is a plugIn for iPhoto to directly upload to!