Join Me for "How I Did It" - A Workshop in High-Impact Photography


If you'd like to take a Saturday to focus on your photography, then consider joining me in Santa Rosa, CA for "How I Did It" - A Short Course in High-Impact Photography on March 28, 10 am to 3 pm.

Many high-impact photos are a combination of opportunity and technique. In this workshop, I'll show you examples of compelling photographs and explain how they were captured. By the end of the day, you will have learned many of the secrets that top shooters use to distinguish their work from others.

You can register online, or call Santa Rosa Junior College at 707-527-4372. The course fee is $63. I'll have some fun photo accessories to give away, materials to browse, and will sign books too if you bring them along. I think you'll really enjoy this workshop.

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I live near Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and would love to attend your workshop, but it is simply not possible. Is there any way you can archive these workshops and present them online in some fashion? I listen to Photo History lectures from Jeff Curto and learn a great deal from them. I would imagine that there must be a much wider audience which would enjoy and benefit from this material. I would be willing to pay a small fee to access it. I would also prefer to be able to download and archive such a presentation for current and future use.

These are just some ideas which I had, take them for what they are worth. I love your podcast and listen to it first whenever it is released.

Thank you,
Scott Van't Land

Hi Scott. Thanks for your comment.

Right now, the weekly podcasts and daily blog posts are the vehicles I have to share information freely. So, for now, I don't have a good way to capture an all day workshop and share it on TDS.

You do know that I have lots of instruction available online at, right?

Maybe some day you'll be able to come out for Santa Fe Workshops or a Geek Cruise where I teach in person. It's really fun :)

As someone who is planning to attend the workshop will you have copies of the pocket guide available for purchase? It is a book I have been planning on getting but unfortunately have not purchased yet. For some reason I like picking up books at a store and I have not run into your book yet. I will order it from Amazon if you are not going to have copies at the workshop. Thank you for your blog and podcasts.

Hi Craig, I usually bring a few books for those who don't have one. I'll bring both the Pocket Guide 3rd Ed and the Digital Photography Companion, and let you decide which is better for you. Glad you're going to attend!