"Five Printing Tips"- Digital Photography Podcast 174


Have you ever looked at a magnified image on your computer screen and felt disappointed about its appearance? You thought you had a sharp, crisp photograph, but it wasn't holding together at 100 percent as well you thought it should. This is the perfect scenario for making a print. Then you will know how good (or not so good) your picture really is.

High magnification computer monitors are very useful for photographers, but that's just one way to look at an image. And think about it: Is that the way you share your work with others? At 100 or 200 percent zoomed in on the eyelashes? If you make an 8.5"x11" or a 13"x19" print, and it looks good, then you can trust that you have a quality photograph.

The trick is, how do you build an easy printing workflow that is dependable? In this podcast I give you a few tips to put you on the path to successful printing and accurate judging of your images.

Monthly Photo Assignment

Vibrancy is the April 2009 Photo Assignment. Here in North America, Spring is on the way. But nature isn't the only source of vibrant colors. See what you can create for this assignment. You can read more about how to submit on our Submissions page. Deadline for entry is April 30, 2009.

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Now that I've piqued your curiosity, it's time to listen to today's audio show titled, "Five Printing Tips" You can download the podcast here (28 minutes). You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

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Derrick, I really enjoy your podcast. As a non-professional photographer I prefer to order prints instead of printing locally. In this case should I still calibrate my monitor? Also are there any other tips when ordering prints through a site like SmugMug?

Thanks for all your information!

You bet. First, most online printing services are calibrated for sRGB color space. So that's probably the color space you probably want to use in this instance.

And you should have a standard monitor calibration. Common settings are gamma 2.2 and 6500 white point.

Finally, some services have their own ICC profiles. Check and see if that's the case with SmugMug. If so, that brings you even closer to accurate output.

I've used atlex.com for years, and been very pleased with prices, availability, etc.


A little late but I just listened to your show on printing.

I buy my HP ink from HP online. The prices are ok and I get free shipping and they ship fedex. I have had orders arrive the next day.

Love the podcast. P.S. I ordered some ThinkTank Products too.
I will be trying the Red River paper based on your comments.

Hi Derrick,

I thought that this episode was great when I first heard it, and - having just discovered 'spokenword.org' - I am trying to submit this show to their database, to help other people discover it. The link to the mp3 appears to be broken though, so I cannot add this episode.

Just thought that you ought to know =]

Keep up the fantastic work. We all really appreciate it!