Your Favorite Flickr Features and Tips


I'm getting ready to work on a big Flickr project, and I'd love to hear about your favorite features and your best tips. What do you like best about Flickr? Do you use any tools with it, such as plug-ins for uploading? Have you learned any helpful techniques that you're willing to share with others?

If you have answers for any of these, please post a comment below (only hit the Post button once, it takes a couple minutes to process), or chime in on the discussion page of The Digital Story Public Group. I've already set up a thread there. You can also send you thoughts directly to me, if you're more comfortable with that. Contact information is on our Submissions page.

I hope you share your thoughts... (and thanks!)

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Hi Derrick,
I use FlickrExport (by Connected Flow) for both Aperture and iPhoto to upload my photos to flickr. I paid for the license for both and it's been worth it. I had a problem once and the developer got right back to me and helped me.

I also like using fd's flickr toys at to make cool creations with my flickr photos. The mosaics are particularly fun.

Another cool thing is that I've joined a flickr group for my county and have met up with other members to go on photo walks which has been great fun.

All great tips, Julianne. I had forgotten about BigHugeLabs. Good reminder. Thanks a bunch!