Packing Tape Transparencies

Sure packing tape has many uses, but in photography? And crafting? Certainly! Packing tape transparencies are not only simple to make, but offer countless crafting possiblities.

Print your favorite photo on to copy paper. Since packing tape is narrow (usually 1 1/2" or 2") be sure your printed image is small. Place a piece of clear tape over the printed photo and press firmly. Excess paper should be trimmed away from the edges of the tape. Wet the back of the paper with water and gently wipe the surface with your fingertip until the paper starts to ball up. After the paper is removed, you will discover that the printed ink remains on the tape giving the illusion of a transparency or slide.

To mount your picture, lightly spray the back of the tape with an adhesive and adhere it to the front of a blank notecard. You can decorate the card front with words or other embellishments.

Now it's easy to achieve the look of a vintage photo without having to turn back the hands of time!


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