"The Digital Story, V2" - Digital Photography Podcast 178

Zoom out pictures, instructional video, Flash podcast player, new Creative Output department... welcome to The Digital Story V2 (TDS). In this week's podcast, I introduce you to the new features of our retooled site. We upgraded the hardware, updated the publishing platform, refreshed the look, and added new content. We poised for the next generation of our virtual camera club.

To help you visually compare. Here's how TDS appeared from Oct. 2005 through April 2009 (click on image to zoom to larger size):

After we launched the site refresh in May 2009. Here's how the site looked (click on image to zoom to larger size):

Monthly Photo Assignment

Rim Lighting is the May 2009 Photo Assignment. This portrait technique puts the light source behind the subject (creating the rim light effect) then uses a fill light for the front. You can read more about how to submit on our Submissions page. Deadline for entry is May 31, 2009.

Listen to the Podcast

You can also download the podcast here (24 minutes). Or better yet, subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Want to share photos and talk with other members in our virtual camera club? Check out our new Flickr Public Group. It's a blast!

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Congratulations on the new site. It looks great. You make a unique contribution to the photography community. Your recent podcast about Flickr tips was just the kind of information a lot of users need. Yahoo should hire you to provide better documentation for Flickr. Their docs are lacking.

Thanks Alan. As you probably know, being a photographer yourself, it's the passion that drives the work. I'm lucky in that I have a supportive community to share that passion with. And so far, have been able to pay the bills too.

Unfortunately the Photo Assignment galleries haven't been available since the new site went online. They all return a '404 Not Found' error.

Otherwise the new site is nice. I'm not a fan of javascript/AJAX or dropdown menus, but the new site has used them well.

Hi Brian,

Yes, those photo assignment galleries will be back on line soon. Some how they were overlooked during the move.

BTW: we just published a new gallery. It looks great!

Thoughts on the new site -

You need to publish the RSS feed for your podcast or you will will lose your non-iTunes listeners.

You also don't have any contact information (email) on your site. Hopefully you'll read this comment.

Hi Peter,

I read all of the comments :)

If you're looking for any of the contact information or how to submit stuff, then just go to Member Participation under the Member tab.

As for RSS, aren't you notified of the podcasts and able to download them through our normal RSS feed.

The old RSS feed fails now. It says there is nothing on the page. The last one listed is from May 12. You have a subscribe button for the blog feed, but not the podcast. The subscribe with iTunes is not helpful for me. I just need to know where the new one is.

I think I got it sorted out. My browser was caching the old pages. All is well.

Hi Derek!
I finally got to listen to my old podcasts and this one really stuck out. I'm glad you redesigned the website and the changes are great. Finally, the website is really about the tagline: "...photography, music, VIDEO, hardware..."