Eye-Fi Pro Delivers Raw File Transfer


It's almost as if the Eye-Fi folks heard our grumbling. No Raw file transfer, no selective uploads, no Ad Hoc connections. Well, they've fixed all of that with the new Eye-Fi Pro 4GB SD WiFi memory card.

The $149.99 card provides you with both Jpeg and Raw upload capabilities, the option to send-up only the pictures you want to transfer, and still includes Geotagging and widespread HotSpot access. You'll need a SDHC compatible camera, and of course some sort of WiFi access. The uploading can work in the background while you continue shooting.

If you have a hankering to transfer images directly from your camera, and you sometimes shoot Raw, this might be one of your most affordable choices.

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1 Comment

This seems to be just what Im looking for. However- whats with the SDHC card? Im not sure about canon- but as far as I am aware, none of the pro level Nikon cameras support SDHC. They are all compact flash!

I wonder why Eye-fi dosnt deliver a version of this in a compact flash card.