Photo Displays in a Pinch

Sometimes creative photo displays are right in front of you. Paper clamps aren't just for holding a stack of unpaid bills. Believe it or not, they're also suitable for holding a photo of your Aunt Jane and her kids.

Position the arms of the clamp upward so they touch. Place your photo in between the arms and your display is complete! Another option is to decorate the clamp base and arms using paper and ribbon.

Paper clamps come in various sizes and can easily be found in office supply stores. It's important to select a photo that's appropriate for the paper clamp size. If your photo is too large, the display might be top heavy and not stay upright.

And there you have it, a new way of using an ordinary item. Who says creativity has to be time consuming and costly?


Stephanie, you're too much! In the best sense! What a clever idea. I have a drawer full of those clamps and a window sill full of pics of the grands. They fall over all the time, just leaning against the window. Stephanie's clamps to the rescue!

Thanks for taking the top out to write this very nice topic.