Flickr and iPhone 3GS are Great Companions

I just returned from a trip to Asia, and I was pleasantly surprised how often I used my iPhone 3GS for photos and video capture. Because of its excellent connectivity, the iPhone works great with Flickr on the fly.

Flickr Essential Training

I cover a lot of these basics in my just-released Flickr Essential Training on But one new feature that has surfaced since I recorded the title is worth sharing here.

Now you can send a photo from you iPhone directly to Flickr and create a Twitter post too. That's how I posted the image titled Nagasaki Streetcar Ride. It's really easy. All you have to do is read the FAQ, Can I post to Flickr and Twitter from my mobile?, then add your unique email address to your iPhone. When it's time to share, email the image from the iPhone using the mobile address, and you're set. It's a great way to add images to your Flicker account, and then tweet about them at the same time.


Hi Derrick,

Have you heard of On their website you link to your facebook, twitter, flickr and blogs. Then, when you send an email to, the contents of your mail get posted to all your sites!

You can limit what gets posted where, but it's very clever in that while the text and images will be posted on your blog, only the images are posted to flickr.

And it's free! (for now...)

best regards, Chris

Actually, I heard about Posterous from Leo Laporte on the recent Macmania Geek Cruise. Looks like a great service. I'll explore more. Thanks for the heads up Chris.

emailing photos to Flickr, using the easiest and most-often mentioned method, results in a lower-resolution version being sent. if you look at the additional properties on the photo you posted , you'll see that it's only 800x600 - your iPhone takes higher-resolution photos than that. Read and follow the links.