Shrink Plastic Charms

Remember the awe and amazement you had the first time you played with Shrinky Dinks? Watching a piece of plastic curl and shrink into a small, hard charm was like watching a magic show in the oven. Grafix makes it easy to relive those moments with their shrink plastic sheets.

The process is easy. Print your favorite pictures (don't forgot the old family photos) onto one of their sheets and cut around the designs. Lay the cut-outs onto a metal baking sheet and follow the manufacturer's heating instructions. Soon your images will be transformed into plastic pieces that are 20% of their original size. In no time you'll be making your own memory bracelets, mini art books, and more! It's a perfect product for any artist who's still a kid at heart.

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Stephanie rocks!

I so agree, Donald. We're *really* lucky to have her as an editor on The Digital Story.

How cool! I've been wanting to make Christmas tree decorations from old family photos. Thanks!

Good Post. I'll be back for your next piece