PhotoPlus Expo 2009: Are You Going?

One of my favorite US photography shows is right around the corner: PhotoPlus Expo 2009 in New York City, October 22-24. This event is a terrific blend of a vibrant expo hall and intelligent conference sessions. You can download an overview of the conference sessions in PDF format to see who is speaking on what. There are also more than 200 companies on the current exhibitor list, comprising a virtual who's who in the photography world.

I'll be hanging out in the expo hall too, working in the Lowepro booth (#818). I've signed on as their Photography Evangelist, and this will be my first event with them.

If you're attending the show, I'd like to say hi. You can find me by coming by the Lowepro booth, or arranging a meeting ahead of time. Leave a comment here if you're interested in a quick hello. I'll have a pocket full of TDS D-Ring keychains for all of our virtual camera club members. Just mention that you listen to the podcast to get one. I'll also be twittering my whereabouts while in NYC. You can follow me at

Hope to see you in New York on Oct 22!

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Derrick, I am comming up from South America to attend. Would love to be able to spend some time with you. I have a few ideas that I want to share and discuss. When would it be a good time for you to meet? Thanks a lot.

Hi Martin, Friday, Oct. 23, would be the best day for me, as things stand now. Why don't we pick up this conversation via email?

Sorry I will miss the show in New York, but congratulations on your new gig with Lowepro. I love their bags!

Thanks idrose for the congrats. I'm happy about it too. It's not a full time thing or something that I have to "go in the office" for. So I can continue to put energy into The Digital Story, Macworld Magazine,, and my photography. I'm really lucky.

Hi Derrick.
I'd love to make it by and shake your hand. I've been listening to your podcast and following your writing for a looong time. Hope to see you there.

Hi Scott, Same goes for me! I'll be posting my whereabouts on Twitter (Derrick_Story), or we can arrange a time to meet at PPE. Looking forward to hearing what you're up to.